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These carpets, with their wool quality as well as their production techique, are perfect match for use in yachts. They are 100% fire- resistant and anti-static. Thanks to their latex backing, they are water resisitant. They are stain free and easy to clean. They provide perfect sound and heat isolation.
With the benefit of our production technique, there are no limitations to color and pattern selections. Any picture or photo you may send will be transformed into a carpet using our years of experience in color and pattern creation and presented to you. Right from the start, all the design is performed on the computer with the special design tools. Any Autocad drawings or a file in any drawing format will be converted into a carpet in no time. This wa we can reproduce the look and feel of the carpet before it is manufactured. Any picture that you will email us can be processed this way and returned to you for your confirmation.

These carpets are made to measure. With the confirmation of the contract, we measure your yacht to get the stenciling pattern. Due to the production of the carpets, they are fitted to your yacht by our professional team.
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