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 One of the most  visible accessories  in your yacht would  be, without a doubt,  its carpeting

 For your house,  office, or any other  place you wish.

 Our company, which has been manufacturing carpets since 1937, is  one of the first establishments in Turkey at this field. We have also  concentrated on and developed an expertise in "hand-tufted" carpeting  since 1995.

Extra thin, 100% wool yarn, 375,000 ends per msq and 8mm pile height makes Fine carpets velvet
soft quality.
Mass is a 17mm high, standard quality carpet, produced with New Zealand wool. Its offers
unique comfort and aesthetics.
Produced with special wool yarn, Moon has 22mm loop height and special salient texture effect which
makes it extremely decorative.
With its popular colours and perfect degraded look, achieved with a special hand dying method,
Moss is our favourite product.
Our most fantastic product with extremely soft texture and 50mm pile height. It is optimized for
comfort and aesthetics.
Special weaving method enables us to produce different pattern effects which make Texture look
hand woven.
 Our portfolio, and years  of experience proves us  right.
 You can find all contact  information in the contact  page. At the mean time if  you want make a quick  enquiry you can use the  form provided or email  us.
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